The dastardly and demonic incident of Dadri in the neighborhood of the cosmopolitan Greater Noida in Delhi-NCR is a human tragedy of insurmountable nature. The culprits need to be brought to justice at the earliest with full force ofthe state machinery and due institutionalised mechanisms be enforced so as to prevent any such incidents in future across the length and breadth of the country.

At a time when the world is aghast with the twin human tragedies of the barbarism unleashed by a fringe extremist group namely ISIS and the sea of humanity spilling the European nations as refugees tormented by the aforesaid demonic force, aclose-knit tribe of intellectuals & public commentators have taken upon the self-ordained task of terrorizing the tolerant and peace loving Indian society.

The ISIS monster has the penchant to videograph its lynching acts for public broadcast.They do have a publicly declared objective of establishing an Islamic Caliphate. They have plans to lynch some 500 million people to accomplish the same. Howsoever demonic and monstrous their motivations and modus operandi, they still have a stated purpose and profound transparency which can be duly countered by the civilized world by all possible means at their disposal.

On the contrary, the motivations of this tribe of intellectuals are difficult to fathom and their reasoning all the more convoluted to unravel and even after a profound analysis their purpose is nowhere visible. They simply tend to act as agents of anarchy and disorder immaculately indulgent in the sadist craft of sophistry to propound and propagate a self-contradictory worldview satiating, don’t know what?

The larger public narrative woven and wallowed by them somewhere reminds of Heath Ledger’s legendary character of Joker in The Dark Knight. Fearless, committed, resolute, unforgiving, action addicted et al. The Joker took the entirecity of Gotham to ransom, leaving all the saner stakeholders of order guessing about his inherent motive and motivation. It took the entire city a little while to sense his intent as a sheer self-indulgent anarchist.

The conventional political etymology labels these intellectuals as leftists, liberals, seculars and a host of other popular epithets. They are extremely intelligent,influential, erudite, articulate, expressive, networked and hard working. But they seem to be indulgent in arguments which are far from objective reality and truth. They advocate cases which go over-board at times. They are caught red-handed in selective omission and inadvertent commissions. Their dialectics smacks of the typical characteristics of random insertion of deflections and deviations. They are masters in contrasting a somewhat positive value into the most abominable of the facets. They are adept in playing around and fiddle with the prosody and connotations of the entire deck of value systems ingrained in a societal discourse. They can very easily capsize the flight of thoughts from one societal settings to that of another having entirely different origins and foundations. The honesty of their argumentative framework is difficult to bust as they believe more often in confusing than convincing. 

All this intellectual skullduggery poses a serious concern for emergence of a modern Indian nation which needs a thriving and a vibrant public discourse to shape up the destinies of its billion plus population which is deeply stooped in the traditional spectrum of dharmic conventions. Balancing this out with the modern concepts and bindings of law of the land which merely provides a larger outer skeleton, is a daunting task. The dharmic conventions are largely self-regulatory in nature with family and societal constructs to oversee and supervise to prevail moral order and sanity.

However, this very moral order and sanity is altogether derided by liberal modern constructs which are so very suitable to the consumerist forces of the day. By itsvery conviction, design and organization, the Indian society has absorbed the shocks of these external insinuations on its tolerance, values, cultural finesse and undue abrogation.

The question arises as to how long and for what purpose?

The Indian society tolerates, absorbs and bears it all till an epoch which for other civilizations might sound eternity, but it is not inanimate, lifeless entity which can be tethered to perpetual tormenting. The advent of the personalised broadcastingin the form of social media tools has given that inordinate power to the citizenry at large which cherishes peace and prosperity over putrefied insinuations over its well cultured and duly nurtured ethos, though not very well articulated or at best expressed differentially, but practiced immensely and pervasively for sure.

However, the prosaic commentaries of this tribe of anarchist intellectuals replete in the honey of sophistry do tend to convolute a simplistic linearized narrative to score points far and wide.

The cultural rife between the pastoral vegetarian Gujjars and the butchering non-vegetarian Muslims of the Dadri area is an open secret. There are perpetual sparks and disturbances every now and then between the two communities, which even a first year journalism student would find out from the police diary and paper clippings. These flashes take toll of lives on both ends, on several occasions. It is a perpetual fight for cultural domination between the Gujjars and the Muslims.

The imperialism of information and analysis wielded by these lofty minds is slowly losing grounds. The inherent contradictions are increasingly being pointed out by an ever vigilant and sensible community of the civil society which has somewhere started asserting itself in this emerging era of multi-casting. The high sounding vocabulary is debunked at the click of a button, the linguistic constructs aimed at created an intractable comprehension is dissected into linear statements of truth and most importantly subjected to sheer scrutiny.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s rebuttal ‘The Party and its Poison’ of Tarun Vijay’s ‘Death in Dadri’ is hand in glove with the above stated syndrome of perpetuating sophistry. The frustration of a resounding public intellectual is evident in the entire piece, bereft of sense and sensibility, resorting to merely tormenting, going to the extreme of terrorism in words, if not in actions.The invocation and ridicule of the Prime Minister of the country on a lone incident in the strife ridden countryside is a stark evidence of the same. A nation as vast as India having deeper cultural fault lines across centuries, but still emerging and marching forward, simply resonates the innate strengths of her civilizational ethos and tolerance. Generalizing stray incidents is nothing but mischievous and an earnest attempt to spread anarchy.

This is a cause of concern as intellectuals are important for a thriving democracy. But their direction has to be progressive than regressive. The motifs and meanings of the old world are losing their circulation and prominence. It is a more linear and democratic world whereby the ethos and sensibilities of millions of societal constructs would have to be respected and adhered to. A top down stratagem of thought process in governance or economics or culture won’t hold the fort any further.

It’s time for deeper introspection and course correction for this tribe. They can choose to side with the forces of the yore spreading anarchy and delusion or can contribute immaculately to the marching of a progressive nation deeply connected to its civilizational roots.