India has long been the subject of invasions where invaders came from other countries looted and destroyed the nation. Many of them settled down in India and became part of the tapestry of the country.    India has remained majorly Hindu despite the cruel and forced conversions that the nation had to endure through the ages. As is well known Hindus believe in Karma or the theory that based on what one does, one has to face the repercussions of the actions, irrespective of how powerful/subdued, rich/poor, one might be. The subject of this article is to see what happened to the invaders. Did they have to bow down to Karma or did they manage to keep their hold on the loots? What happened to the cruel invaders of the country? What happened to the country after all these invasions? Why should Hindus still stand up and be proud of their heritage despite having been repeatedly looted?

First and foremost, there is a need to understand why India attracted so many invaders? There is probably no other country in the world which was invaded so many times as India was. Why? The answer lies in the fact that the country and its intellectuals repeatedly believed in the improvement of the SELF. They were more interested in :

  • Becoming better people
  • Making life better for its citizens
  • Doing more research on various areas, be it the Self, Nature, Astronomy, Medicine, Metallurgy, Arts, Fine Arts, Literature and many other areas.
  • The country’s method of wealth creation and distribution of wealth was a safe and secure method of Actual wealth creation as against Notional wealth creation (as is followed by banks now).

Because of all of the above, India became a giant magnet for attracting invaders who wanted to not just loot our wealth, but also learn from us. It must be noted that only the Christian invaders made Indians feel ashamed of their culture and knowledge systems. All the other invaders and travellers through time, only praised the nation and took back the treasure house of knowledge to their home countries. 

Prominent invaders:


THE SAKAs (Shakas) – Scythians(Iran) / Kazakhstan

THE ARAB INVASIONS (through the Caliphate) – they ruled over Sindh and Multan

THE TURKISH INVASION – Mahmud Ghazni and Mohammed Ghuri

THE MAMLUK (SLAVE) DYNASTY – slave of Mohammed Ghuri – again Turks

THE KHILJIS - Afghanistan


TIMUR – Mongolian ancestry from Uzbekistan

THE SAYYID DYNASTY – Started by Khizra Khan, a descendant of Prophet Mohammed, but a nominee of Timur.


THE MUGHALS – Turko–Irani origins originally but Babar was the ruler of Afghanistan




Now that we have the list of invaders ready for our reckoning, let us see some more facts. How did these invaders die or how did their rule end?

Nadir Shah was assassinated during a rebellion.

Mughal rule ended miserably with no significant ruler after the cruellest among them – Aurangzeb. It is well known that in this dynasty there was nothing holy about relationships between father and sons, or siblings. Killing siblings, imprisoning and going for war with their own fathers are reported facts. It is reported that an ancestor of this dynasty is now a street vendor in Delhi.

The Lodhi dynasty ended when Babur was invited by Daulat Khan Lodi to invade Ibrahim Lodhi’s kingdom. Lodhi died in the 1st battle of Panipat and everyone knows how the word ‘Barbarian’ was formed - that’s how cruel Babur was.

Timur, the cruellest of the lot (it is said that he had buried alive 3000 prisoners in Turkey since he had promised ‘no bloodshed’), died of fever (or of pneumonia or plague, is still a mystery) in cold Kazakhstan and reportedly told his near and dear ones to pray to Allah to have mercy on him.

Infighting among the Tughlaq clan, countless rebellions all marked their rule. People hated them and their wayward policies and decisions. The word ‘Tughlaqi Farmaan’ till today is used to describe a mindless order (farmaan), which has no head or tail.

Alauddin Khilji is believed to have been killed by his eunuch slave, Malik Kafur, with whom he had homosexual relationship. His wife was imprisoned. Malik Kafur himself was killed by Alauddin’s bodyguards after his 35 day rule.

Mohammed Ghori’s death was because of an assassination. Some believe that Prithviraj Chauhan killed him with his arrows, and others believe that he was killed while offering his evening prayers, by people of the Khokhar tribe, in Ghor province, in modern day Pakistan. All the wealth that he had looted in his last invasion was looted by the Khokhar tribes and his people could not take anything back home. He himself died a painful death.

When Mahmud of Ghazni was about to die, he ordered all his hoards to be placed before his eyes. He grieved over his impending separation from his wealth but refused to give the smallest amount to charity.All the wealth in the world could not keep death away from him.

Mohammed Bin Qasim, the Arab invader who succeeded in ruling over Sindh after the third attempt to invade Bharat, was all of a sudden recalled by the Khalifa and by making him a victim of party politics, was put to death.

Alexander died on his way back to his home country, a sad man, because his soldiers did not want to continue with his conquests. He is believed to have been poisoned by his half-brother / royal advisor, or of typhoid and fever. He is reputed to have said that his hands should be kept outside his casket so that people would learn from his death that when one died, one couldn’t take one’s wealth back with oneself. Everything had to be left here itself.


From the above accounts one can surmise that those who bring harm upon others can never hope to remain happy and enjoy the loot. Those who live by the sword, die by it too.

But what about the countries from where they came? Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Mongolia, Greece, Portugal, UK – can one say that any of these countries today enjoys a position of respect? What about the wealth they looted from India? Have they been able to retain it? The answer to all these questions is a definite NO. In fact, all these countries have mounting problems of poverty and wealth depletion. The Queen of England is just a notional ruler now.

The wheels of Karma do indeed turn. India which has faced innumerable problems at the hands of these invaders is now trying to regain her old glory back. Despite all the loots, the country has always been able to stage a comeback and recover its self-respect. This is because its culture is still steeped in improvement of the self, instead of destruction of others. A recent example of this was on the 05/06/2017 when on one hand we had India’s neighbour Pakistan killing the nation’s  Armed forces personnel, on the other, we launched the heaviest home-made rocket GSLV Mk III successfully, into space. Today we are capable of preventing any attacks of any invaders  or enemies, but instead of concentrating ONLY on that, we are working hard towards improving the lot of our people and our country. We are lucky that we have always had great Rulers like Shivaji Maharaj, MaharanaPratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, Lachit Borphukan, the Kakatiya kings, the Chola, Chera and Pandyan kings, the Solankis and many more who restored the pride in the nation’s culture. It may take some time before India can rightfully claim to become the nation it once was. But with hard work and collective effort, the destination is not far.