Ramith, a 19-year-old BJP activist, was hacked to death in Kerala's Kannur on Wednesday. He is the latest victim of CPI(M)’s murderous politics in Kerala. The incident happened in Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s constituency. The young man was pulled out of a car and hacked to death mercilessly.

Elimination of political rivals becomes the order of the day every time the CPI(M)-led Left Democratic Front comes to power. This time too, it is not different.  Kannur has witnessed a string of attacks on political workers since May. Over 300 cases of political violence have been reported in the district in the past five months. In the last several months, seven political murders have taken place in the Communist stronghold of Kannur.

Ramith’s father Uthaman, a bus driver, was also killed in 2002 in a similar manner by the Marxists. The Kerala BJP has slammed Chief Minister Vijayan for the continuing cycle of murder politics in Kannur.  

Workers of all political parties, including those of an alliance partner in the LDF, CPI, have been victims of CPI(M) tyranny. The CPI(M) has established party villages in Kannur, where workers of other political parties are not allowed to operate. The party which talks about high ideals and human rights seldom practices them in its strongholds. Pinarayi Vijayan rose from the ranks using violence as a tool. CPI mouthpiece Janayugam, in an editorial, has strongly criticized the murder politics of the CPI(M).

The Centre has sought a report from the state government on the death of the BJP worker. There has been a demand from the BJP to order a CBI probe into the incident. Some leaders even called for deploying army in the troubled area. The murder has triggered nation-wide outrage.

Most of the victims of the CPI(M) violence are people who have defected from the party. The party cadres did not even spare close relatives of Chief Minister Pinaryai Vijayan because they shifted the sides. The CPI(M) rules Kannur like the notorious gulags, cruel labour camps during the regime of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Many observers say CPI(M) is unleashing violence to distract public attention from a corruption scandal involving a minister in the Pinarayi ministry. Following public outrage, minister EP Jayarajan had to resign. The Pinarayi government which came to power promising to ‘set right everything’ has been floundering from the very first month in office. Going by the present trend, it is unlikely that the CPI(M) would abstain from violence.