A few days ago, a Muslim college student in Kerala was trolled and threatened with acid attack for sporting a bindi and sitting with non-Muslim boys. Similarly, a Muslim woman journalist was attacked for not covering her head in North Kerala.

The latest is a Muslim woman from Karnataka was trolled for singing a Hindu devotional song in a TV realty show. According to a media reports, administrators of a Facebook page with nearly 46,000 followers posted a picture of 22-year-old Suhana Sayeed along with a long message in Kannada, essentially condemning her for daring to sing in public. She had to face threats, ridicule and hate on social media.

Media reports said while auditioning for the show, Sayeed, wearing a colourful hijab, sang for precisely 100 seconds. The three judges listening to her were blindfolded, perhaps to ensure their only focus was her voice. At the end of her audition, their blindfolds came off and their effusive praise began. "Your voice is really good," said one, as the audience applauded. "By singing a Hindu devotional song you've become the symbol of unity. Music is a medium which unites people, differences disappear."

One of the comments in Kannada reads: "You have not achieved any great feat...Your parents will not go to heaven as you have exposed yourself to other men. Stop wearing the hijab, you don't know how to respect it."