A senior Kerala CPI(M) leader MV Jayarajan claimed that the Uri terrorist attack was mounted by terrorists with the help of the Indian army. According to him, the NIA investigation has found direct involvement of Indian army men in the attack. He was in fact parroting the Pakistani line of argument.

Blind hatred for Modi and fear of his popularity have made these opposition politicians take totally ‘anti-national’ stance.  In their attempt to paint a bleak picture, some of them are putting national interests at risk. These remarks get good publicity across the border and Pakistanis being good propagandists make use of these statements to their advantage in international platforms.

After Sonia Gandhi called Narendra Modi a ‘maut ka saudagar’ a few years ago, it was her son Rahul Gandhi’s turn to take the political discourse in the country to a new low by calling the Prime Minister ‘khoon ka dalal’. He accused Prime Minister Modi of hiding behind the blood of soldiers and using their sacrifices for political purposes. His statements have left the country dumbfounded and shocked. What surprised everyone was that a few days ago, Gandhi scion had praised the prime minister for carrying out surgical strikes across the LoC. People complimented him for rising above partisan politics and standing behind the government at a critical point of time. But this is something unbecoming for a leader who aspires to be the Prime Minister of this country.

The shameful remarks by Rahul Gandhi betray his frustration and mental bankruptcy. The Congress is wary that the BJP would make use of this at the elections. The Congress can’t digest the response and confidence the surgical strikes generated among the public towards the Prime Minister who not only did what he promised but did it with dexterity. Their staunch anti-Modi feelings made them tread an anti-national path. Similarly, Kejriwal’s irresponsible demand of seeking evidence from the Prime Minister should be condemned by one and all.

Recently, senior Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam had described the surgical strikes as fake and called upon the government to provide evidence to prove otherwise.  Although the Congress later distanced itself from Nirupam’s statement, the damage has already been done. The Congress never learns from its mistakes.