Enter global forces

Immurement of truth

The corrupt and unethical segments of the MSM do a great disservice to the nation by implanting false news and presenting biased reports inimical to national interests. Pseudo-secular political forces are promoted. Incapable and incompetent leaders are deified and paraded as national heroes for petty considerations and pecuniary benefits. Selfless nationalist political leaders and their parties dedicated to the development of the nation are subjected to a diatribe with the aim of defamation and vilification. When several journalists and media persons join the chorus, and launch a concerted attack of derision against a high-profile political leader or the government, the ignoble exercise succeeds in achieving the intended result of causing dent and damage to the object of attack among the gullible sections of the society susceptible to sensationalism.

Even during the best of circumstances, there are divisive forces and fundamentalist elements practically in every nation, who are interested in wreaking havoc in the society with the aim of achieving some personal goals and reaping small gains. It is all the more so in troubled times of terrorism, which our country is currently passing through. Undoubtedly, India has its fair share of such enemies within and outside the country. Jihadi elements owing allegiance and loyalty to international terror networks are quite active even within India. A tremendous responsibility vests with the media in exposing such dangerous elements and unraveling their evil plots to make the public wiser about the vulnerability of their safety and security as well as the territorial integrity of the nation. The role played by quite a few of the journalists and their media houses in this regard is, however, lamentable.

Clandestine operations by NGOs

In the name of providing basic facilities to the people and improving their living conditions in the impoverished tribal and other backward areas, and among insular communities, they have been known to organize events of proselytisation, which is strictly prohibited by the law and the Constitution. On the pretext of providing education and employment, they instigate gullible youngsters into disowning their faith and converting to a religion, the cause of which the instigators clandestinely serve and promote. They rush to areas affected by communal riots, purportedly to provide succour in the form of relief supplies. Their real motive is, however, to instigate the survivors of the riots and their sympathizers in the society on communal lines. Here also they explore, seek and find lucrative chances to convert the suffering people from their current faith to the self-proclaimed religion of “salvation” or “peace.” Here, one needs to recall that our Supreme Court has unequivocally declared that the right to profess, practise or propagate one’s religion does not mean the right to convert.

Furthermore, the financial records of the errant NGOs are found more often than not highly suspect and incapable of scrutiny and audit. Their activities have also been found murky and far from transparent. Being the beneficiaries of some of the corrupt, selfish and unscrupulous political parties in power, such NGOs have caused much damage in the past to the society and the nation. For instance, several crucial developmental projects could not take off the drawing board on account of the subversive activities of these errant NGOs. Due to this, the economic and industrial development of our nation has suffered irreparable losses over the years. The worrisome trend has, however, been arrested during the last two years because of some legal measures introduced by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government under the stewardship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These measures seek to check the illegal inflow of funds from abroad to the NGOs and monitor their activities in strict compliance with the legal requirements. The activities of the NGOs have thus been brought under sharp scrutiny for transparency, accountability, and answerability. In the meanwhile, our nation’s growth story continues to engage the attention of an appreciative and friendly international community.