At a polling station in UP’s Saharanpur district, an old Muslim woman goes to a polling official and seeks his help to figure out “Modi’s symbol”.  She didn’t know what BJP’s symbol was.

In Varanasi, many Muslim women who lined up to vote proudly told journalists that they are voting for Modi ji. One young woman clad in full-body veil said she supports Modi’s development agenda.  

BJP feels its stand on the practice of "triple talaq" had helped bag Muslim votes.  Party leaders pointed out that many Muslim women were receptive to their stance on issues. BJP used to get good percentage of Muslim votes in Gujarat, despite opposition propaganda against the saffron party.  BJP leaders see this as a validation of the Centre's position in the Supreme Court that the issue was one of gender justice and even personal laws needed to be reformed if they were at variance with constitutional provisions such as right to equality.

The progressive sections in Muslims found the BJP was the only party which had a clear  stand on triple talaq. Most parties sided with fanatic elements in the community which opposed a ban on triple talaq.  The BJP’s stand found resonance among Muslim women who were victims of triple talaq. The practice had caused much suffering and left women and children vulnerable to the vagaries of the personal law and its interpretation.

The verdict has given the party power to pursue its social reform agenda.  The party hopes that this will help it make inroads into the Muslim community.